Special Interests

We’ve quite a diverse range of people at St Paul’s with a melting pot of different expertise and talents.

It’s good to learn from one another, so if you’ve anything to offer that may be of benefit to others, please get in touch.

Philippi Trust Counselling
The Philippi Trust - within the congregation we’ve a number of Phillipi Trust trained counsellors who are available for contact. The Philippi Trust is a Christian Charity that exists to provide counselling and counselling training of a professional standard to church and community. For more information contact the Church office, or the Phillipi Trust directly: http://www.philippi.co.uk/

The St Paul’s Moneywise team is a Christian voluntary team whose objectives are to help people get control of their finances. For free confidential help with budgeting and managing your money call 07907 898542 to arrange an appointment.

IT Mentoring
At the Oaks Centre we offer IT mentoring sessions during the day for those still finding their feet with computers. Contact the Oaks Centre Manager for more information.